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Don't Go it Alone

Assignments, Education, Support Network

Discover the benefits of being part of the VSN community!  The network helps you turn your new acquired skills into a career by joining you in an organization backed by 50 years in the social services fields and linking you to a network of men and women who share your life's mission to provide safe family visits and positive experiences for all.

Taking Care of the Kids
About VSN


VSN is a Registered Professional Provider with the courts in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties.

We are also listed as preferred visit providers at many family law offices in Riverside and San Diego counties and adding offices every day.

Requests for Visitation Supervisors come in every day.



Our agency website will be offering the latest news and articles from around the web with regard to family visitation, as well as parenting classes, child abuse and related childhood trauma, children of divorce and other related subjects.

Updates to our resource manual, the California Courts forms and other related forms will also be available.

Support Network


Stay connected to a network of other Visitation Supervisors like yourself.

Experienced social workers and Senior Monitors are available to you for shadowing or to discuss a tough case.

Your support staff pre-screens your parents and handles intake for you!

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