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Mother and Daughter


Parenting is tough...


Parenting during a pandemic? Tougher...


Parenting and homeschooling if you're not a teacher and dealing with all the challenges of having your child(ren) full time with no break while working from home too? We can help!

Would you like to improve your communication skills with your children and your co-parent, reduce power struggles and learn better coping skills? Do you dream of sweeter bedtimes, less stressful home-school time and smooth meal times? Our weekly parenting course based on the proven Love and Logic system is the assistance you have been looking for!

An 8-Week Virtual Parenting Course

Court Approved

Based on the Love and Logic Program

Next Session

Saturday Mornings 9:00am-12:00pm PST

Beginning 1/23/2021

Total Fee $180

Includes All Materials, Shipping and Certificate of Completion for Court (if Necessary)

Father with his Son
Mother with her Child
Modern Family
Loving Child
Happy Family
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